Our breakable chocolate boxes are perfect for gender reveals, engagements, valentines day, birthdays, mother's day, anniversaries, or any special event. It can be filled with fruit, candy, money, jewelry, love notes, cake, and so much more. Choices are endless as this can be customized for any special occasion. Items inside can either be provided by the customer or chosen from the selection below (prices vary). These customizable chocolate boxes come with a hammer so you can literally smash it into pieces. All prices are based on basic designs. Final price of your custom treats will depend on the complexity of the design and handmade elements.

Smashbox Only - $45

3D options are Geometric Hearts, Half-Moon, Teddy Bear, X-mas Tree, and Snowflake. Includes an assortment of candy or gourmet chocolate, and up to 10 letters or numbers. Price varies based on theme.

Smashbox with half a dozen strawberries - Start at $60

Includes an assortment of candy or gourmet chocolate, up to 10 letters or numbers, and strawberries.

Price varies based on theme.


  • Assortment of candy or gourmet chocolate (included)


Add on: 

  • Mini brownie or Rice Krispy Treats stuffed chocolate hearts - $3 each

  • Pretzels and Pretzel Rods - $5

  • Chocolate covered Oreos - $3

  • Mini Cakesicles - $4.50 each

  • 6 Cupcakes - $26

  • Letters/Numbers - .20 cents per letter

  • Three or more colors - $2 per additional color

  • Flowers - Prices vary

  • 6 Chocolate covered Strawberries - $18

  • Decorative Toppers - Prices vary


Preset boxes below